The Hygge Farm

The Hygge Farm

An educational and therapeutic farm

Suitable for all ages and groups of 1 person to max 20 people

The Hygge Farm is currently open by appointment only and available most days

Price may vary depending on individual requests

Address will be given once booking is confirmed

The Hygge Farm brings joy, fun and education about animals to the community. We use real animals in a safe, family friendly setting. Catering for all age groups from little kids to teenagers, through to adults and the elderly. The Hygge farm is an interactive and engaging experience for all that includes fun activities with the animals in an educational and incredibly enjoyable experience.
And of course a lot of hygge!

What is hygge?

As Katherine is from Denmark, we found it appropriate to use the word Hygge in the business name. The word Hygge, (pronounced,”Hue-gah) is a word that we use when we feel happy, content, and comfortable.

All enquiries please contact:

Katherine Thoegersen
Call: 0407 888 594
Facebook: The Hygge Farm
Instagram: Thehyggefarm18