The Blackwood River Arts Trail (BRAT)

The Blackwood River Arts Trail (BRAT), April 1 to 16 2023

70 artists showcase their work in 30 different venues in the shires of Nannup, Bridgetown-Green Bushes, Balingup-Donnybrook and Boyup Brook. Artists home studios or galleries, sculpture gardens, shops and cafes display and sell artworks.

The Blackwood River Arts Trail 23 Guide provides details of each exhibition and artist/s with photos, maps, information trail and any concurrent performances or events, with advertising of local businesses and sponsors.

The Trail includes the Blackwood River Film Festival that will show Australian short films. Two performances of ‘ A Fortunate Life’ will be shown in Boyup Brook and Nannup.

All information can be found at:

The Blackwood River Art Trail is in early autumn when visitors can easily walk to venues and enjoy the outdoor exhibitions. Why not plan a day trip and see some fantastic local art?