Code of Ethics for Members

Code of Ethics for Members


  • Members shall be bound by the provisions relating to the conditions of membership contained in the Balingup & Districts Tourism Association Inc. Constitution and Rules, and also any adopted policies.
  • Where any dispute occurs involving members, visitors/clients or Balingup Visitor Centre staff, and that dispute cannot be resolved quickly and simply, the Chairperson of the Balingup Visitor Centre shall apply the current procedure for settling disputes.  Members shall comply with the procedure in place at the time.
  • Members are encouraged to participate on Balingup Visitor Centre committees and subcommittees and to assist the Balingup Visitor Centre in other appropriate ways.
  • Members shall carry appropriate public liability insurance and hold all necessary business registrations and licenses applicable to their business.
  • Members shall use their best endeavours to enhance the local tourism industry by providing a quality product or service, delivered with the highest standards of integrity.

Members’ Relations with Customers

  • Members shall deal with visitors/clients in an open, honest, friendly and helpful manner.
  • When asked for information by visitors/clients or potential visitors/clients, members shall use their best endeavours to provide information that is accurate and up to date.
  • Members shall not advertise or promote their business in misleading or deceptive ways.
  • Where visitors/clients have a complaint about any aspect of a member’s business, the member shall address that complaint promptly and courteously and explain to the visitor/client that, if they are still concerned, they may take their complaint to the Balingup Visitor Centre.  If the complaint is justified, the member shall make a reasonable attempt to satisfy the customer.  If the member feels the complaint is not justified, the reasons for this should be explained to the customer clearly and fully.
  • Members shall not change any quoted price or policy without adequate reason or without explaining matters to the visitor/client and giving them the option to reconsider using the member’s services.
  • At the earliest reasonable opportunity, members shall advise their visitors/clients in writing of any cancellation policy or service charges which apply.

Members’ Relations with Other Members

  • Members shall be respectful to one another and endeavour to conduct their respective businesses in a spirit of co-operation and understanding.
  • Members shall strive to be fair and objective when asked for information about another member’s services and shall not disparage the services offered by another member.
  • Where a member receives a complaint about another member, the latter should be informed as soon as possible to afford them the opportunity to resolve the problem.

Member/Staff Relations

  • Members and Balingup Visitor Centre staff, including volunteer workers, shall deal with one another in a friendly, considerate and professional manner.
  • All relevant information on bookings, events, opening hours, vacancies, new services and policy changes shall be clearly and promptly communicated by a member to the Balingup Visitor Centre and, where practicable, by the Balingup Visitor Centre to members in the event of significant changes.
  • Members shall notify the Balingup Visitor Centre of any cancellation and booking policy relating to their business and any changes to those policies.
  • Balingup Visitor Centre staff shall at all times be fair, impartial and accurate in providing information to visitors and shall not promote or favour the interests of one member over those of another member
  • Where a member receives a complaint from a customer about the Balingup Visitor Centre services, the member shall notify the Balingup Visitor Centre manager.  Conversely, if a complaint about a member is received by the Balingup Visitor Centre, the manager shall notify the member.
  • Where members provide promotional material for use or display in the Balingup Visitor Centre, that material shall be accurate, of good quality and professional presentation.
  • The committee, staff and volunteers of the Balingup Visitor Centre have a duty to represent all members and shall not unfairly discriminate against any member.