Flora and Fauna

In Spring, the reserve becomes a blaze of colour, with an amazing abundance and diversity of wildflowers. Each week of spring sees change until early December.
Banksia grandis (Bull Banksia) is one of the last plants to flower, with its wonderful bright yellow candle, which then forms into the well-known Banksia ‘see’ or ‘nut’.

A copy of the herbarium for the reserve is held by the Balingup Friends of the Forest. The herbarium contains photocopies of the plants identified on the reserve, along with their botanical names.

Spring Wildflowers (September – November)
Native Buttercup, Sundews, various, Trigger Plants, Tassel Flower, False Boronia, Fan Flowers, Fringe Lily, White Myrtle, Blue Bell, Native Violet, Golden Shower, Running Postman, Native Wisteria, Purple Hovea, Pepper & Salt, Honeypot Dryandra
Wattle species, e.g. Prickly moses, Golden Wreath
Orchids, e.g. Cowslip, Donkey, Spider, Sun Orchids, Enamel Candle Cranberry (red flowering)
Flag Lily (yellow & Purple), Old Man’s Beard, Southern Cross, Granny’s Bonnet, Kangaroo Paw, Milkmaids, Tethrathecas (Pink flowers),
Yellow Candles.
Though most of the flowers bloom in the springtime, the forest is alive and you will be able to find something in flower at any time of the year.

Racecourse Reserve