Public Toilets in and around Balingup

The Balingup and District Tourism Association (BADTA) have been working with the Shire of Donnybrook Balingup in regard to the Balingup and Donnybrook Transit Parks, and the Shire’s Public Toilets. As you can appreciate things are moving and changing rapidly with the COVID-19 pandemic. BADTA and the Shire are keenly aware that there are people who will be negatively impacted or displaced if these services are closed fully.

We continue to have a steady stream of people phoning/visiting the Balingup who are part of the grey nomad group or are transient. In addition there are a number of ‘back packers’ who are in the area, still looking for work up until last week . . . and now realising that things have changed again. Most of them are ‘free camping’ . . . somewhere. There are a lot of campers out at Grimwade.  Plus, there are a number of locals who ‘have run out of water’ on their properties and regularly pay to ‘have a shower’ at Balingup Transit Park.

In regard to Public Toilets in our region the Shire has the following is in process:


  • Village Green Toilets will remain open, with cleans increased to two cleans a day morning and afternoon.
  • The Community centre toilets and the toilets near the brook will be closed

Kirup and Mullalyup

  • Public toilets to remain open and cleans increased.


  • Main Street toilet and Apex Park toilets to remain open and cleaning increase to two cleans a day, morning and afternoon
  • Donnybrook cemetery toilets will also remain open for now, with standard cleaning schedules.
  • The Vin Farley park toilet and Apple Fun Park toilets will be closed

In regard to the Transit Park :

BADTA is working with the Shire to formulate a response. The Shires Manager Community Development, James Jarvis, will co-ordinate this response. There are people in need and we have a responsibility to consider them. These decision are being based on both the Federal and State Governments advice, which includes the current advice that:

  • All non-essential travel should be avoided
  • Stay at home unless for – groceries, exercise, medical needs, care/support, work where it cannot be from home.

We will continue to work with the Shire who is continually reviewing the levels of service that are to be provided during the COVID-pandemic, with consideration to the public and our staff health and safety.