Daroubya Grace  Ad.Dip. App.Sc.   – Principal for Rejuven8 massage, Facilitator for complementary services

Following three years of comprehensive study, Daroubya holds the highest Australian massage qualification, Advanced Diploma of Applied Sciences – Remedial Massage, from Canberra Institute of Technology and has been giving bodywork since 1999.  Having over the years worked in a variety of health clinics, resort spas and privately, Daroubya currently offers seated and table sessions with a focus on myofascial unwinding, breath and body awareness technique.

Situated right in the centre of Balingup village, Rejuven8 Massage is open

Friday 10am-4pm

Saturday 10am-4pm

Sunday 10am-4pm


Appointments can be made by SMS or call 0456 313 128

Testimonials for Daroubya;

 ” Daroubya has a gentle but firm touch & the warmest of hands which makes for a very effective massage. Her knowledge of breathing techniques is very easy to understand & adapt to. I highly recommend Daroubya for body work, from children to adults … I would say that she walks on water but she wouldn’t want me to. “    ~ Lori Stevens

I can honestly recommend Daroubya’s massage as I experience relaxation, centreing, and relief from pain through the warmth in her magic hands. I will be visiting her on a reasonably regular basis. ”  ~ N.J.F.

            ” Daroubya always puts 100% of her energy into me.  Her touch is warm & healing & the space is very relaxing. I feel like I’ve been touched by an angel. “   ~ Danielle

            ” Daroubya works very well on any problem areas I highlight, s well as having a very keen connection to the body, finding any other areas that need work seemlessly.  Very professional high quality massage. “   ~ Callum


Additional services currently offered at the Rejuven8 massage space:

  • Hypnotherapy  with  William John Fox   DHP  MCAH  BCMA  *by appointment only*
    More than 25 years’ experience in UK National Health Service, childrens’ homes, mother-baby units & large self-operated natural therapy centres in the UK and Broome. For children & adults, works with a very broad array of conditions & personal challenges. For further information & boookings contact John directly on 0414 519 858.
  • ***   SPACE FOR HIRE   ***
    The 6m x 3.6m space at Rejuven8 massage is also available to other therapists & practitioners of complementary health & wellness modalities to hire for individual or group work, once-off or periodically.


Please email daroubya@riseup.net or call Daroubya on 0456 313 128 to discuss your requirements.