AUTUMN at Golden Valley Tree Park

Autumn at Golden Valley Tree Park is a unique opportunity to experience the beauty of a deciduous landscape in its transition to dormancy. This change involves a stunning procession of colours ~ oranges & lemons, golds, reds, burgundies and russets. Many ask when to expect the best autumn display. Well this depends on the year. Generally the prettiest moment is late April to early May. However the autumn colour is a slow procession that starts in late March and continues through to June. As the grasses green up with rain, the colour contrast intensifies. Photographers will find the view from PEAR TREE LOOK-OUT is inspiring.

The WORLD COLLECTION at GVTP includes some famous autumn colouring trees; the grove of maples (at K7) includes the Canadian Red Maple, Japanese and Trident Maples and the lovely pink of the Silver Maple. The vivid avenue of Chinese Pistachio is usually an early stunner, followed by the Tupelos and the American Swamp Cypresses which, unusually, are deciduous conifers. Perhaps the biggest favourite are the old Persimmon. All are found near to the OAK GROVE WALK TRACK.

The Oaks themselves, as well as the Liquidambars, take their time to turn. The Scarlet Oak and Pin & Red Oaks’ blaze of colour will not intensify until late April, whilst the English Oak are surprisingly lovely in late May and early June when their russet tones warm the wintering scene.